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Posted by Cantankerous Panda on August 4, 2010

So, a combination of a conference, a wedding, a fire, a blackout, a trip to L.A. with very shoddy internet access, an extreme lack of sleep, and the endless process of packing/moving has led to this major lull in updates. I am sorry to the few of you who actually read my blog (and I love you guys for it) and I promise to have another one up by the end of this week.


4 Responses to “SORRY!”

  1. richardsblah said

    Jeez, Panda. Sounds like you’ve been in your very own action/comedy/drama/disaster movie. Hope you’re recovering well from your trials. Good to see you again. 🙂

    • Cantankerous Panda said

      Har. Thanks, hun. I am still in the midst of moving but I’ve at least gotten some sleep and I saw Inception today! I hope to have that review up soon. I am SO behind!! I hope all is well with you!

  2. Marion said

    Yay! Glad that you’re back! 😀

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