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Posted by Cantankerous Panda on February 27, 2011

I know, it’s amazing that I’m posting again, but nothing can keep me away from Oscar madness! (OK, I’m sure SOME things can keep me away… but let’s not dwell on such things!)

I do hope to return with awesome new reviews for you fine folks, and I think a possible solution is to write them up in Word or something first before trying to do my whole thang here with the pics. I’ll see how that goes, kittens.

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road! Come in for the awards, and stay for the snark!

There was a pre-show interview thing happening with James Franco and I already want to punch him. He’s overdone it, I think. Overexposed, and the joke has gotten old. I am tired of his ‘stoned guy’ demeanor. I’m really not looking forward to these hosts.

Annnnd OPENING MONTAGE of Best Picture films GOOOOOO. That was… pointless and a waste of time.

And now the comedy opening. I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of this… I’ll just let you know how I feel about the jokes. So far, Franco is failing fast, and Alec Baldwin just outshone both hosts. Seriously, this is getting bad. Except I like the idea of Anne Hathaway knocking James Franco out. And having Morgan Freeman narrating Alec Baldwin’s ‘Inception Dream’ was pretty brilliant, too.

HOLY SHIT. DELOREAN. BACK TO THE FUTURE BIT. Replace Anne and Franco with Doc and Marty, and we have a great bit.

Honestly, that was even more disappointing than I thought it was going to be. Anne’s doing better with her on-stage opening lines. Franco… still just seems stoned.

James Franco’s grandmother just had the funniest line… “I just saw Marky Mark!” That was fantastic. Mark Wahlberg even laughed! Amazing.

And we’re doing…. tributes to classics this year?? That was just basically a fancy set piece for Gone With the Wind appearing for 15 seconds. That was odd.

Art Direction and Cinematography

Tom Hanks is presenting. I hate him. Did you all know this? Oh. Wait. First we’re looking at the last movie that won the Cinematography category in the trifecta: Cinematography, Director, and Picture (three films were nominated in all three categories this year, so that’s why we’re being reminded of this) …ugh, and it was Titanic. That was one of the worst calls ever. BUT WHO CARES because Alice and Wonderland just took Art Direction… that was extremely disjointed. Let’s talk about the Cinematography category and then go to Art Direction first! Brilliant. Wally Pfister just took the Cinematography award for his work on Inception, so the trifecta possibility has just gone *poof*. Wow, that was totally worth reminding us of before the awards. Thanks, guys!

Is it bad that I already want to say this is going to be a lame Oscars show? I’m just not feeling this pairing. They totally lack the spark that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin had.

ZOMG KIRK DOUGLAS! It makes me sad to see him, but also happy because he’s still here and he’s wonderful! Oh, Kirk! Standing ovation for Kirk! Oh my God. Kirk Douglas is HITTING ON ANNE HATHAWAY! That was hilarious! And the segue into Best Supporting Actress is complete–he loves beautiful women, so here are five of them. Very cute.

Best Supporting Actress

Kirk is still being hilarious, and he has trouble speaking. Oh man, he’s brilliant. I love him so much. He’s outshining the hosts. Everyone is cracking up because he’s fucking hilarious. And he just talked about being in this position three times (being nominated and waiting for the name to be read out) and losing every time. Aw. Melissa Leo just won for The Fighter. And Kirk Douglas IS HITTING ON HER, TOO! In her acceptance speech time! He’s being escorted away! And he won’t go! God, he’s amazing. I haven’t seen The Fighter, and Melissa Leo is kinda being adorable, but I’m sad it’s not Helena Bonham Carter up there… and Melissa Leo just cursed! “I saw Kate up here two years ago and she made it look so fucking easy!” Good job, censors–my ears have been spared, but my eyes have been tainted!

Mila Kunis looks GORGEOUS. Justin Timberlake just said he was Banksy. I guess that’s the segue for best animated feature and short.

Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short

Justin claimed there was an app for making this segment animated… and I think the joke didn’t actually pan out. Huh. That was odd. Ooooo Day & Night was nominated! I loved that one! Oh wow, Justin did a callback to what Kirk was doing when he opened the envelope (he kept pausing and saying, “…You know…” and didn’t announce the winner for a bit). That was cute. And damn, The Lost Thing won for Short, but GO AUSSIES! Those guys got a seriously tiny amount of time to talk, especially compared to Melissa Leo, which I guess makes sense, but I bet I could shave 10 minutes off this puppy by now. AND THE MOST SHOCKING WIN FOR ANIMATED FEATURE–no, not really. Toy Story 3 just won, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Not that I didn’t love the movie, because I did, but couldn’t we have just skipped this whole bit and just handed it to Lee Unkrich? Seriously…

Hm… flashing us back to the first Oscars and um… Wings? I don’t know what just happened, but an old-timey version of ‘Makin’ Whoopie’ was playing, and then Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem were introduced. By the way, I drooled a little when Javier was speaking. I fucking love that man.

Best Adapted Screenplay

You TELL IT, JAVIER! And… I don’t know how I feel about this…. Aaron Sorkin won for The Social Network. I expect his speech to be amazing. He immediately referenced Network, which is… interesting, I guess. Yeah, they both have the word “Network” in the title, and Network won for Best Original Screenplay, and I guess he was inspired by Paddy Chayefsky? I don’t know.

Best Original Screenplay

I just want them to let Javier do the whole show. The King’s Speech! Yay! Go David Seidler! Great opening line: “My father always said that I was a late bloomer…” Seidler is the oldest person to win this award, it seems, and this is his first. Awww he ended it by dedicating his Oscar to the stammerers in the world. “We have a voice,” he said. That’s very cute.

Anne Hathaway is wearing a suit… with a really weird bowtie. And she’s talking about singing again. Again, not a surprise to anyone. Whoa. Fucking crazy glittering shoes. And she’s singing a rendition of “On My Own” because her ‘partner’ bailed on her, and the lyrics about that someone… who is Hugh Jackman, clearly. This bit was just meh. BUTTTT James Franco just emerged in a bright pink dress, blonde wig, and lipstick… and just said “The weird part is, I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen.” Wow. Franco landed a joke. That was actually cute.

Russel Brand and… Helen Mirren?! What the hell? She’s speaking French, and he’s ‘translating.’ It’s a cute bit, and she’s stunning, as always, but wow is that a stark contrast. Oh, Helen is speaking French because…

It’s Best Foreign Picture Time

In a Better World: Susanne Bier. Denmark. I haven’t seen it. I like her dress, though. Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty stupid comment to make in lieu of anything else.

Onto Reese Witherspoon and her WHOA hair. Big. Big. Hair. And black and white dress. Meh. Oh, shit, need to pay attention to her words…

Best Supporting Actor

I am rooting for Geoffrey Rush… and oh fuck, WHAT? Christian Bale just won an Oscar for The Fighter. Why the fuck did they just validate that man? I find him to be so terrible in pretty much everything. God, this is depressing. Also, grizzly beard. And he just plugged Dickey’s website… did the audience just groan at that? Also, why is his beard so red and his hair so brown? What is this? And did he just forget his wife’s name? It really sounded like he did. Sigh. Christian Bale fucking won an Oscar… Natalie Portman is going to win, and I’m going to destroy my TV.

President of The Academy + President of ABC are out here to blow smoke up each other’s asses, I guess. They just announced that they’ve been broadcasting this show together for thirty-something years and they just renewed the contract. Fantastic. Thanks for that colossal waste of time (it was only about 2 minutes, maybe).

BRING OUT THE AUSSIES! Hugh Jackman + Nicole Kidman = history lesson on film sound and score. Cue THX sound, make me think of George Lucas….and cap it off with the Star Wars theme. Zomg, actually, they are going through a bunch of great film themes… E.T.! I just teared up a little. I love that movie.

Best Original Score

I’m really not digging how they are doing their little film-industry-pats-on-the-back tonight. It’s all been very blah, though visual effects with the façade has been nice. Guys. I don’t know what the hell is going on tonight. Trent Reznor just won an Oscar. The Social Network is doing pretty well, I guess, but… TRENT REZNOR JUST WON AN OSCAR. NINE INCH NAILS JUST WON AN OSCAR.

A six degrees of Kevin Bacon joke and instructions for people to look it up on the Internet later… and we have the odd couple of Scarlett Johansson and Mathew McConaughey. Her hair looks terrible, and I’m not digging the Victoria’s Secret slip she’s wearing. I also think she’s drunk because she’s fucking everything up, and when Matthew McConaughey is the one of you who is on top of things, you know you have a problem.

Best Sound

Inception. Everyone from Inception keeps talking about Chris Nolan more than they need to and I think it’s because they feel bad that they have Oscars and he wasn’t even nominated.

ScarJo and Matty are still here. I think he might have told her to stop talking.

Best Sound Editing

Inception. It took ScarJo awhile to figure out how the envelope worked. Also, if you think I’m overstating the whole Chris Nolan guilt thing… “I owe this one thousand percent to Chris Nolan,” winner Richard King just said. He went on to talk about how he was the architect of the film, etc. and so forth. That was the first thing King said when he got up there. Yeah, I think there’s some winner’s guilt here.

ZOMG MARISA TOMEI IS ON AND SHE’S WEARING VINTAGE COUTURE AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING! SHE’S DOING THE TECHNICAL AWARDS BIT… wait, WHAT?! They had her host the Schmoscars?! I mean, I guess that’s good, but she should be fucking hosting the real thing. She has more charisma in her eyelashes than James Franco has in his entire being! Oh, fuck you, Franco: “Congratulations, nerds.”

CATE BLANCHETT! I hate that dress. And why was the band playing over her intro? That was fucked up.

Best Achievement in Make-Up

RICK BAKER WON ANOTHER OSCAR!!! I haven’t seen The Wolfman and I heard it was terrible, but I will ALWAYS love Rick Baker’s work. That’s 7 for him now. Oh, sorry, and Dave Elsey won with him. Congrats, Dave!

Best Achievement in Costume Design

Cate is so damn regal but her dress is so damn hideous. It’s sad. Colleen Atwood for Alice in Wonderland. This woman won Oscars for her costume design for Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha. I actually recognized her name. That’s… not really important or interesting. Wait just a fucking second. What the hell is she wearing?! What’s with the Madonna-esque gloves? And why all black? So much black. Boring and kinda fucking odd.

Um… best movie song? I don’t know. I think they went out ‘on the streets’ and asked ‘normal people’ what their favourite movie song was. And so we get a nice little montage with clips of some classic songs… and what the fuck, OBAMA JUST DID A BIT to say ‘As Time Goes By’ cannot be beat. What the hell, Obama? And Kevin Spacey… is singing on stage to no music… and said his name was George Clooney. I’m a little lost. But he’s talking about how we’ll be hearing the four nominated songs, and he did the intro bit for the Toy Story 3 song, which is, of course, a Randy Newman song. So Randy Newman is there, performing the song… being all… Newman-like. Jesus, this is his 20th Oscar nomination. He’s won for other Toy Story songs, I believe. Anyway, he’s playing at his piano, no other band to be seen, even though they are heard, and scenes from the movie are playing on the big circular screen at the back of the stage (it’s a bit odd, this staging). Also, there are background singers… and they are hidden, too. Uh. Yeah.

Back to Kevin. Alan Menken is up for his song from Tangled with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi performing the vocals. Huh. I didn’t know she was still working. And if she breathes any deeper, she might burst out of her dress. And… I might have to start watching Chuck. I didn’t know he could sing! Jesus.

Franco, please stop trying to deliver jokes. Amy Adams looks like she’s trying to imitate a starry night. Jake Gyllenhaal looks nervous and scared. I think he made a joke somewhere, but I missed it. He says everyone should watch short films. Yeah, probably.

Best Short Documentary Film

Amy Adams apparently has whatever ScarJo has, because she can’t work the envelope, either. Strangers No More won: Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon.

Best Live-Action Short Film

OK, what I just saw of The Crush in their little preview clip looks really cute. I kinda want to see that now. God of Love won, and it’s in BLACK AND WHITE! Luke Matheny is the winner. He is young. He stepped on stage, and my first thought was “NYU film student.” And he is. And this makes me sad. I’m kinda happy for this fro-kid, but still kinda not happy about NYU. And Franco did a call-out to him for NYU.

Holy shit. THEY ARE AUTO-TUNING HERMIONE AND RON TO MAKE A SONG CALLED ‘TINY BALL OF LIGHT’! And also changing their words, but still.  That was awesome. Now they are auto-tuning Tory Story… The Social Network. So far, Harry Potter wins… Oh shit. They are doing Twilight. That was meh. The best was Harry Potter.

Anne Hathaway just shook her entire body onstage so as to show off her fringe… just because she wanted to. And now, please welcome Oprah’s boobs. I mean, holy shit, the satin is just catching all the light and pulling focus to her tits, and they look MASSIVE. I’m FORCING myself to look at her face. What the fuck? Hey, does she have a pony in this race? She’s doing docs.

Best Documentary Feature

Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs won for Inside Job, which makes sense because it’s about Wall Street and everyone is pissed off at Wall Street. I’m assuming that the doc focused on the evils of Wall Street. OPRAH, GET YOUR BOOBS OUT OF THE WAY OF THE MICROPHONE SO THAT THE WINNERS CAN SPEAK! And…. yup, Ferguson opens with a line about how three years after we suffered a huge financial crisis, not a single Wall Street exec has been prosecuted. I totally called that.

YAYS BILLY CRYSTAL HAS COME TO SAVE THE SHOW! Billy, we have missed you so much! The entire audience is on their feet for you! They are practically crying for you! Oh wait, he’s just doing a presentation thing. Dammit. And he opens with a line about running over, and it lands it better than pretty much anything Franco has tried to do. Man, this is a mistake. This is Crystal’s sweet spot. He’s basically doing a monologue right now. He’s a natural at this. This is where he belongs. His Bob Hope story is fantastic. I don’t know where this is going… I guess it’s a tribute to Bob Hope hosting the Oscars? Why? I am confused, yet again. But I do know one thing: Franco and Hathaway are fucked. They are playing clips of Hope’s hosting bits. He was pretty phenomenal, wasn’t he? They have it set up so that it looks like he is standing at the podium, which is cool. But they have someone impersonating his voice to do the introduce Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.

I want to pounce on Robert Downey, Jr. He’s ranting about the whole special effects…. and Jude Law just took a jab at him for some of RDJ’s past transgressions a la Rickey Gervais at the Golden Globes (but it’s clearly part of the bit) and the way RDJ corrected him and said it’s that kind of attention to detail that led these people to being nominated was pretty clever and cute.

Visual Effects

I didn’t even have to pay attention to know where this one was heading. Inception took it. *Waits for the outpouring of Chris Nolan love* Huh. Apparently there was no time for the oral lovefest for him.

Best Film Editing

Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall for Social Network. Awww! “First thing’s first,” one says… followed by a big hug with his co-winner. Cute.

So, Gwyneth Paltrow will be singing the nominated Best Song from her travesty of a film at some point tonight. I might break my blog with snark. I cannot believe that fucking song was nominated and Cher’s song from Burlesque as not. I am entirely serious. HOW DARE YOU SNUB CHER, ACADEMY?! Sigh…

Holy fuck, Jennie Garth in a Dove commercial… and she was on Dancing With The Stars? Huh. I did not know that. Whatever, I only cared when Shannen was on because she’s one of my most favourite bitches. Rock on, Shannen! You shouldn’t have been kicked off when you were.

Ooooo Anne’s dress is pretttttttty. James Franco is making jokes about titles of films and how they are inappropriate. Cue jokes about Winter’s Bone. Yup. Meh. Franco’s expression does not change at any point during this deliver. Anne would look better if she didn’t look like she’s about to break. Speaking of…

Jennifer Hudson was introduced JUST to introduce the next two songs, and SHE has disappeared. Her dress is an awesome bright red, but her poor tits look like they are caught in a trap or something. She looks great, but I hardly recognize her. And this song confuses me. It’s from 127 Hours so it’s inspired by Aboriginal music, I guess…



Best Original Song

Randy Newman wins Oscar number two for “We Belong Together” in Toy Story 3. Randy is being hilarious, though, so I’m feeling better. And he just bitched about how the Academy couldn’t find a fifth song to nominate–he thinks it’s bullshit, basically, and I agree with him. CHER SHOULD HAVE BEEN PERFORMING TONIGHT.

Oh damn. We’re gearing up for the depressing part of the night (well, MORE depressing, I should say, given  how this show has been going): the tribute. It seems Halle Berry (I cannot stand her) is doing a superspecial tribute for one of the late greats, Lena Horne. She was the first black performer to sign a long-term contract with a major Hollywood studio, so she was kind of a big deal. I guess I could see why she gets the superspecial treatment. But dammit, I’m tired of the whole Halle Berry thing with the first black woman stuff. Get over it.

Do they ever get anyone other than Celine Dion to sing the tribute song?!

OK I am going to cry. Tony Curtis :(. Sally Menke. Ronni Chasen (the agent who was murdered)… LESLIE NIELSEN! PETE POSTLETHWAITE! Patricia Neal… Lynn Redgrave. ANNE FRANCIS (starred in Forbidden Planet)! Jill Clayburgh died?! AWWW DENNIS HOPPER AND DINO DE LAURENTIIS AND BLAKE EDWARDS AND KEVIN MCCARTHY!!! God I am going to cry. And now the Lena Horne tribute. Here come the tears… they are playing clips of Lena singing Stormy Weather. Goddamnit. “It;s not the load that breaks you down. Its the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne. I like that they included that quote at the end.

WHOA what the fuck is Anne Hathaway wearing? It’s this bright blue…. piece of vinyl that’s been melted onto her? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

Hilary Swank (ugh) was introduced JUST to introduce Kathryn Bigelow. Why do they do that?! “WE NEED MORE CELEBRITIES TO SAY FIVE WORDS ON STAGE!” It’s asinine.

Achievement in Directing

HOLY SHIT. TOM HOOPER WON FOR THE KING’S SPEECH. Fuck yeah! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this film, GO SEE IT. It’s awesome. Awww he’s talking about the manlove between Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, and himself. So cute. Every time they cut to Colin Firth, I squeak with glee a little bit. I am so in love with him.


Annette Benning is on stage in a really bizarre dress and with really bizarre hair… I think it’s to basically say, “Sorry, you’re not getting your Oscar, yet. We’re giving it to the talentless preggers chick, even though you totally deserved one by now and you should get yours tonight but you’re not going to. So, here, you can do the intro to the honorary Oscars, because that’s probably going to be the only Oscar you’ll ever get from us right before you die.”

Speaking of which, ZOMG FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA AND ELI WALLACH TOGETHER ON STAGE WITH OSCARS. I AM DYING. I’M HAVING A FILMGASM. (I had originally written Jean-Luc Godard and Francis Ford Coppola together, but then removed the wrong name. Godard was not on stage but he DID win an honorary Oscar)

I adore Eli Wallach. That was greatness.

Anne, Franco is NOT doing a fabulous job hosting tonight. How the fuck did he manage to get nominated?! He sounds bored and pissed now! YOU DO NOT SOUND THAT WAY WHEN INTRODUCING JEFF BRIDGES!

Best Actress

I almost don’t want to watch. I don’t want to hear stupid Natalie Portman’s icky speech. Her Golden Globe speech was TERRIBLE. Ugh. Her award belongs to Darren Aronofsky. Michelle Williams, your look is confusing me. I can understand the pixie thing, but I’m growing tired of you in white. You have bleached-blonde, black eyebrows, and a white dress. Natalie Portman has just won for Black Swan, and now it has validated every terrible performance she has ever given (and will probably continue to deliver). Oh, shut up, Natalie, you do not wish the prize was to work with all your co-nominees. You want the prize to be the Oscar so that people will stop talking about how bloody awful you were in the Star Wars films. News flash for you, honey: Ewan McGregor had the same fucking script, and he managed to DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Ugh. Play her off, already.


Anne Hathaway is being stupid in her set-up for introducing the goddess herself, Sandra Bullock. Do not keep talking about how this is a big deal for you, Anne. We got that the first fifteen times you said it.

Best Actor

God, Sandra is gorgeous and wonderful. She’s talking to Javier and it’s very cute. I haven’t seen his film, but I should. And HAR! She just said, “Jeff, dude! Dude! You just won this award last year… how much is enough?” She’s fantastic and she actually has DELIVERY. Also, True Grit is a must-see. Sandra made a Facebook joke to Jesse Eisenberg that actually landed. That’s because she has talent. Franco, take notes. Also, full disclosure: I am totally in love with Jesse Eisenberg. I think he’s hot. OOOO Colin time! Sandra is really doing well. Her jokes are all working. Oh God, I hope Colin wins. He’s been so good for so long. If Franco wins, I am going to break my wine glass. Sandra is talking to James now, and made a good General Hospital joke. I have to be honest… no clips from 127 Hours have convinced me that Franco deserves to be up there. He must have slept with a lot of Academy members for the nomination.

YAY GOOD NEWS COLIN FIRTH WON FOR THE KING’S SPEECH! He was nominated last year for A Single Man, but it was Jeff’s turn to win. And ha, he said, “I have a feeling my career’s just peaked.” Awww. So damn cute. He’s being so. damn. cute. Aw, he’s getting so emotional. And just made a joke when he thanked Harvey Weinstein, who hired him 20 years ago when he was a “child sensation.” Awwww he thanked Tom Ford (he directed A Single Man)! Awwww and he was so sweet to his wife. And I think he’s trying to keep from getting sick. So cute.

Anne, I get that you’re really excited about wearing so many dresses, and you probably haven’t eaten in days, but when I can see your abdominals moving when you speak, your dress is too damn tight. You CAN say no. And calm down with the excitement, dear. Yes, it’s Steven Spielberg. Calm. Yourself.

So, Stevie’s here, and you all know what time it is…

Best Picture

Playing the king’s actual speech, which was the climax of the film, over the montage is kind of a shitty move, in my opinion. I mean, granted, we all know he made the speech, but I feel like hearing Colin’s performance is part of what made that scene so great. Not everyone who watches the Oscars has seen all of the films, guys. Jesus. That was also way too long. There was no need to do that. Then again, with ten films (which is such a stupid thing to bring back), they can’t really talk about all of the films.


OK, so this year wasn’t as glorious with the wins and defeats (I was so giddy while watching James Cameron’s hopes and dreams come crashing down) but the fact that The King’s Speech won just made me incredibly happy.

James. JAMES. Stop it. He’s acting like a petulant child or something.

Wait. What is this? The kids of PS22 are singing Over the Rainbow. I mean, that’s sweet, but it’s the outro. It’s for all the people who are… turning off their TVs. Because the Oscars are over. That’s just mean.

Huh. The backdrop lifted and all the winners have come out to stand amongst the children to sing the last line. Because they flew over the rainbow. By getting an Oscar.

Well, folks, that’s another year down, and another Oscar liveblog done. Thanks to everyone who has been checking back and tolerating my crazy. My overall thought of the actual show: they should never ask James Franco back. Anne Hathaway could potentially be an OK person to use in a bit, but she cannot support the whole show–ESPECIALLY if she freaks out every time she has to speak for more than five seconds. Seriously, girlie lacked professionalism. I get having those kinds of moments at the start, but she did it throughout the entire show. Franco got more and more obnoxious, and Anne got more and more uncontrollable. Together, it was pretty bad. I know a lot of people panned Jon Stewart’s performances, but I’d take him as a host over these two in a heartbeat (I also really liked Jon Stewart’s performances, so that’s not a really telling statement :P).

Thanks for staying up with me, and see you next year!


3 Responses to “OSCARS 2011 LIVEBLOG!”

  1. Richard said

    Jeez, Panda. Where. Have. You. Been??

    Just caught up with the blog since I was asleep while you were posting it. Funny stuff. Nice to see someone being as cynical about the Oscars as I am. Well, nearly as cynical. You did actually watch them.

    Good to have you back, Panda.

  2. Cantankerous Panda said

    Hey! It’s good to see you again, too! I was hoping you hadn’t forgotten about me :P.

    School has been taking over my life, but I’m hoping I can get re-energized by my Oscar post and start pumping out some more reviews :D. I have The Departed on DVD (I know, I know, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet, either) so that will be coming up hopefully in the near-future. Gotta finish Judgment at Nuremberg, though… and maybe write up a post for The Thin Man and City of God :D.

    I hope all is well with you!

  3. That Girl That You Know said

    So…I thought you were going to be updating more often.


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