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Posted by Cantankerous Panda on July 10, 2010

LEGION (2010)

I like to follow good classic films with terrible movies.

Legion is almost inexplicably hard to describe. I really don’t know what it was that I watched that night. What I do know is that Paul Bettany has been on this weird ‘religious badass character’ binge for awhile (The Da Vinci Code, the upcoming film Priest), and this film falls firmly into that category. Bettany plays Michael, an angel who decides to disobey God’s orders and protect humanity when God decides to go all Old Testament on us and destroy human kind. I think the reason why is because we take everything for granted and we’re all pretty terrible. Or maybe we don’t love God enough. I don’t really remember. Either way, Michael decides God is just being moody and will eventually realize how ridiculous this entire plan is, so he comes to Earth with a purpose… to take off his shirt, as all the advertisements promised. Read the rest of this entry »


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A Nightmare On Elm Street

Posted by Cantankerous Panda on May 10, 2010



Full disclosure here: I am a huge fan of the original film, written and directed by one of the masters of horror, Wes Craven. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it (P.S. it has a young Johnny Depp in his first film role), and even though it’s kinda dated because it feels so damn 80s in some ways, it’s still really effective and it’s far creepier than people seem to remember. The reason why I decided to watch this remake is because all accounts were indicating that the filmmakers were taking it a bit more ‘seriously’ than I feel the other horror classic remakes were handled (such as The Amityville Horror,  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween–which I refuse to see because Rob Zombie is almost as bad a director as Eli Roth). Alas, the film was not good, as I expected it to be, but there was an odd twist to what made it sub-par: the similarities to the original. Read the rest of this entry »

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Paranormal Activity

Posted by Cantankerous Panda on January 16, 2010


I’m clearly on a horror film write-up kick (as this is my second one in two days), so if horror is not your thing, my apologies– a friend of mine just watched this one on DVD, so I felt compelled to write my review. Also, I’m feeling terribly guilty for not seeing/reviewing any classic films I promised you in the beginning. I need to dust off my Netflix movies and just watch these things already. It’s terrible.


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Posted by Cantankerous Panda on January 15, 2010


One thing about me is that I’ll rarely turn down a zombie flick (not to be confused with a Zombie flick, as in Rob Zombie– I’ll always turn those down). Zombie flicks that mock the genre? Even better. Shaun of the Dead is one of my most favourite horror movies (and movies, in general), and I also adore The Evil Dead Trilogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) and Dead and Breakfast. Re-Animator is quite fun, as well. Zombieland fits pretty well into this group of hilarious horror films.

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